MEET THE MEETING HOUSE: Serving Coffee & the Community

MEET HEATHER TUCKER FROM THE MEETING HOUSE: meeting the needs for the community through cups of coffee.

What led to the creation of The Meeting House?

There were a few local families that felt there was a need to bring more unity to the body of Christian believers in the area, There was also a desire to support the community specifically the local youth.  These families had always had it on their hearts to make a place in the community where the kids could be: safe, sheltered, mentored and know how valuable they were.

How are you hoping the Lord will use The Meeting House to make a difference in your community?

We would love it if the Lord would use the MH as a place where His love for all is known, and His provision is felt.  We desire for the MH to be the local hands and feet of Jesus Christ to all who walk through our doors.

What are some ways you’ve seen the Lord at work since the creation of The Meeting House?

I have always been amazed at how the Lord sent the right people at the right time to get the MH up and running.  None of us had ever started a business, let alone a coffee shop, but the Lord provided all different people and businesses from the area at just the right time to provide what we needed to get the doors open. We still see community support and involvement that far exceeds what other non-profits have especially during this current season we are in, and I believe it comes from the Lord continuing to support our mission. Because of the provision of the Lord we were also able to open the MH with no existing debt, and we have an amazing body of volunteers that help us keep our costs down and our doors open. Because of this we are able to give back to our community by providing free community meals, a free after school snack program, internships and scholarships, and much more!

What advice do you have for someone preparing to fundraise?

Start by praying, and then don't be afraid to ask.  The Lord tells us that if we don't ask we won't receive and I think that applies to fund raising as well as prayers.

If you could tell the world one thing about serving others, what would you say?

Serving others is the embodiment of what Jesus did when He was on the Earth. If it is better to give than receive then what could be a better use of spare time than the gift of serving others.  You also never know what a tiny gist of service on your part will mean to the person on the other end - it could be life-changing for them.


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