T-Shirts Designed to Change the World

Do you have a mission or calling to fulfill, but don’t know how to fund it? We’ll help you remove the fear of uncertainty by providing you with a proven way to raise the funds you need. With 100% custom-designed T-shirts, Fund the Nations can help you fundraise in a way that rewards you and your supporters. Click here to start designing an amazing T-shirt just for you!

Our Story

Fund the Nations launched in 2008 with the desire to help people fulfill their calling without fear and uncertainty about money. Our founder, Bubba Crowder, began working with individuals, churches, and organizations to help them fundraise in a creative way ... with really cool, custom-designed T-Shirts that people actually want to buy and wear! Over the last 15 years, our customers raised over 50 million dollars in funding for mission trips, adoptions, and other causes through FTN fundraisers. Our ultimate goal is not represented in dollar signs alone, though. We want to find a way to help someone go one a mission trip, adoption from, or serve in all 196 inhabited countries on our planet.

Our Team

Garrett Brewer
Fundraising Coordinator

Bubba Crowder

Amy Culver
Financial Director

Daniel Johnson

Josh Kubler

Amanda Little
Order Director

Evan Logan
Creative Director

Leslie Norris
Fundraising Coordinator

Andrew Perry
Partnership Director

Courtney Pinkston
Project Director