Who is this for?

Anyone that needs to raise money!  Any cause, adoption, mission trip, non-profit, etc.  If you need to raise money, we want to help you!

How does it work?

Our process is pretty straightforward. For a walkthrough of the process, Click here! 

Can I personalize the shirts? (church name, trip, dates, etc.)

Yes!  Whatever you want on the shirt, we'll try to make it happen!  This is one of the many great things about FTN - you aren’t working with a clip art template, we design shirts specifically for your cause!

Can I include multiple designs in my order?

The easy answer is no.  If you want to place separate orders, we can help you with that.  But, to mix & match between orders would cause the price to increase, taking away from your profit for  fundraising.  If you want to place a completely separate order with a separate design, just let us know!

What is the minimum order?

The minimum order of shirts is 13, and there are price breaks that make the shirts cheaper at 25, 50, 75, and 145 shirts.

What is the price per shirt?

Several factors go into the price of a shirt, including the brand/style, how many colors are in the graphic, how many locations (front, back, sleeve) of the shirt are printed, and the quantity of shirts ordered.  We try to keep fundraising shirts between $6-9.50 depending on the specifics.  Contact us for specific price questions!

What is included in the "price per shirt"?

Everything!  Design, shirt, set-up, print, packing, and shipping are all included.  The price per shirt is the cost it takes to get it in your hands! There are no unlisted set up or back end fees. The only additional cost is 2XL+ shirts are $2 more apiece. We also must charge an extra $1/shirt for shipping to Hawaii, Alaska and Canada.

How much should I re-sell the shirts for?

We suggest $20 per shirt.  That may seem steep, but think about it this way: GAP has their (RED) campaign shirts (to support AIDS research) priced around $30 per shirt, for a simple red t-shirt.  People pay it because of where the money is going.  The same is true for your shirt - people aren't just buying a t-shirt, they're investing in your cause! *this is just a suggestion, feel free to sell the shirts for whatever you'd like!

How long does this process take?

The selling process can be as short or as long as you want, but the average order is typically placed within 4-6 weeks.  Once you give us the sizes and pay for the order, it typically takes 7-9 business days (M-F) to get the shirts shipped out from us!  If you need them by a certain date, please let us know!

How do the shirts fit? (Big, small, true to size?)

FTN uses a variety of different brands based on your needs and/or desires.  If you have one in mind, just ask!  Every brand runs differently, so once you’ve settled on one, we’d be happy to let you know our opinion of how it fits.

Do I have to ship my shirts out, or will FTN do it for me?

If you anticipate that most people purchasing shirts will be within your local sphere of influence (friends, family, co-workers, classmates, neighbors), we recommend handling distribution yourself, as this will ultimately save them money and potentially increase your sales. However, if you believe you’ll have a large number of customers that you’d have to ship to, we do have a program called FTN Direct. Ask your Fundraising Coordinator, or find more info here!

Will you design & print shirts for non-fundraising purposes?

Absolutely!  Check out our non-fundraising brand, 52Threads! We have the privilege of serving a large number of churches, businesses, camps, baseball teams, schools, etc.  Doing so actually enables us to do more fundraising, so know that when we design & print your shirts, it's ultimately for the cause of the Gospel!

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