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MEET MELISSA LINDSEY: after longing for a child, she and her husband felt called to grow their family through adoption and learned that there is peace found in trusting His timing.

How did the Lord first call you and your husband to adoption?

My husband and I  have been married since 2014. Our marriage has been filled with adventures in traveling and has been met with its share of joy, challenges and adversity.  Our faith in God has served as a compass to guide us through times of uncertainty, unemployment and infertility.

In 2015, we became deeply interested in the idea of having a family of our own.  Sadly, it was easier said than done. From 2015-2017, we faced unemployment where Berdell had to find a new career to re-invent himself.  I discovered I had stage 4 endometriosis. In 2016, I had a myomectomy performed to remove my large fibroids. By 2018, the fibroids returned which forced me to have a hysterectomy.  Like any couple who dreamed of children of their own, this was a devastating outcome that came with mourning.

Despite our faith being severely tested, we always knew that God has a plan for us all.  While we thought we knew how we’d get to our destination, the reality is that the journey wasn’t what we expected.  As educators, we are aware daily of children who go home to environments that are unstable. There are children who are in need of safe, nurturing and supportive homes.  With a home like ours, we are confident that a child will receive spiritual guidance and everlasting love.

What fears or hesitations did you have when starting the adoption process, and how did you work to overcome them?

I think the number one issue for me as a future adoptive mom is having a fear of not being able to properly bond with a child.  I won't have the opportunity to carry the baby for 9 months.  Our baby won't get to hear my voice while in the womb.  I have to constantly remind myself this can be resolved through time spent interacting with our child, constant prayer, having patience, and expressing genuine love and caring by meeting the needs of our child.


What has the adoption process taught you about the love of Jesus?

God is SO good, faithful and everything will fall exactly into place in HIS timing.

What suggestions do you have for someone who wants to support friends during their adoption journey?

Just be there to listen, validate feelings, and encourage friends who are adopting is all we really want.


What’s something you wish everyone knew about adoption?

 It's EXHAUSTING, a roller coaster of emotions, you and your faith WILL be challenged.  BUT it will all be worth it in the end!



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