MEET MARY MICAYLA: Reaching the Depths of Her Heart

MEET MARY MICAYLA WOOD: her obedience led her to New York, where her heart has been forever changed.

Why did you decide to attend the Leadership Program NYC?

I decided to attend the Leadership Program over two years ago after learning about it on a mission trip to the NYC Dream Center. After spending a week with the students and engaging in everything they do, I felt a pull on my heart that I could do it too. College never felt right for me, but this did. I knew I had to obey God and the calling on my life to become a missionary.

How is the Dream Center and Metro World Child working to make a difference in NYC?

Dream Center and Metro World Child are the two ministry’s the Leadership Program works alongside. Both ministries work hand in hand to serve the city of New York. The mission of Dream Center is to multiply diverse gospel communities who equip others to experience freedom, walk in purpose, serve the city, and share their faith. The mission of Metro World Child is to reach the inner city children with the message of the Gospel and lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus. Right now DC and MWK have come together with the What Remains Initiative, believing that the church is called to be a place of stability during uncertain times. In the midst of the pandemic, both ministries are committed to providing hope and relief to communities throughout the city. Every week we hold food pantries across the city, meeting families right where they are to provide them with food and hope. We have served over 2 million pounds of food to over 500,000 individuals. The vision is to see a city so deeply moved by the Gospel that Jesus is followed, lives are transformed, and communities are restored.

What are some ways you’ve seen the Lord at work since you started serving there?

The Lord has done so many things in my life since being apart of the program. He has really been taking me through the process of reaching the depths of my heart. He has taught me that it isn’t what I do for Him, but who I am in Him. I don’t serve and do the things I do to earn His love, I do them because I already have His love. He has been transforming me from the inside out. Because of the transformation in my life, I’m able to love others deeper and really exemplify Christ.

What advice do you have for someone preparing to fundraise?

Fundraising and asking for money is such a tangible way to advance the Kingdom. Most importantly PRAY and surrender it all to the Lord, let fundraising begin with Him. It can be challenging to ask for money, but it has grown into something I love. It allows you to humble yourself and put down your pride. Remember that everything belongs to God, even money. Your money is not YOUR money and their money is not THEIR money, it is God’s. So when you’re asking for support, you aren’t just asking for money. You are giving someone the opportunity to invest in God’s kingdom. It is so much bigger than an exchange of money. People like Moses and David asked others to support God’s mission financially, so this isn’t a new thing. Don’t be nervous or fearful. Have faith that God will provide you with even more than you need. I empower you to be bold!!! Take it from someone who has been fully funded for two mission trips and two years of my missionary program. God sees your obedience and faithfulness to Him.

If you could tell the world one thing about serving others, what would you say?

Serving others is one of the greatest joys. God sent Jesus to be a servant so that we could model that. We serve God by serving His people. Being a servant means to put others need before your own. This is such a beautiful thing and the embodiment of what it means to be a Christian.

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