MEET KAYLA: It Felt Like Home

MEET KAYLA MEIER: she's given her best yes and is learning to trust as she prepares for a life of serving.

How did the Lord call you to a career in missions?


The Lord called me to career-missions just a short while after arriving on the field to serve as a short-termer. In October of 2018, our organization held a Regional Conference in Malta for those of us serving in Central/Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. It was a time of encouragement, love, and support as we gathered together to hear about how the Lord was moving across our region. I was able to step back from the busyness of what was now "everyday life" in Bucharest and hear from Him. I heard His calling to career-missions, and for the first time since arriving on the field, it felt like this was where I was supposed to be; it felt like home. 



What’s one fear or hesitation you have in terms of serving long-term, and how has the Lord helped you overcome it?


A fear I have of serving long-term is the unknown. There are a lot of uncertainties when it comes to transition, and it can be intimidating to think about starting over again in Romania. However, over the last few months, the Lord has been teaching me so much about trust. In Psalm 91:2, we read, "This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him." Even in the midst of the unknown, I can revel in the truth that I serve a God I can trust



What have you learned about serving others and being served through fundraising? 


 Serving with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE), I function through support-raising, acknowledging; "the resources we have been entrusted with are not our own; they are given to us byGod through our generous and faithful supporters." It is a privilege to be able to partner with businesses, churches, and individuals who are willing to (whole-heartedly) invest in all the Lord is doing in Romania. It is such a humbling and rewarding experience to see individuals connect with and then respond to the Great Commission, and it is an experience that has grown me in my faith. 


What do you hope others will learn from watching you as you prepare to serve full-time in Bucharest? 


 As I prepare to serve full-time in Romania, I desire for others to learn about the importance of investing in people. Trusted friends within our organization have encouraged me, sharing, "prefield is a ministry too; take advantage of the time you have back in the United States and focus on being fully present here." Regardless of the mission field theLord has placed in front of you, the foundation has to be intentional relationships.



 What advice do you have for someone who wants to walk alongside someone as they prepare to serve long-term? 


 If you are an individual wanting to walk alongside of someone preparing to serve long-term, the advice I have for you is to be invested. The transition to full-time missions is a long road filled with us as missionaries attending trainings, developing partners, raising support, visiting churches, and so much more. We need people who are for us, people who are willing to encourage, love, and support us through this process. 



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