Your Shirts Delivered Directly to Your Supporters

Typically when someone orders shirts for fundraising purposes, we send the entire order to the fundraiser and they distribute the shirts themselves. But we understand that sometimes this process is a burden and makes it difficult for your supporters who live around the country to get their shirts. FTN Direct was created to help alleviate this process!

With FTN Direct, you can allow supporters from all over the U.S. to order your shirts and have them sent directly to them. We do this by setting up an online store where your supporters can purchase your shirt. They can check out just like any online marketplace and we will ship it directly to the address they submit.

Your online store will include your product picture, product description, sizes, selling price, and shipping/handling fees. We have different tiers for you to choose from based on how many items you plan to sell.

The Details

If you use FTN Direct, we will setup your online store with the items that you are selling. The store will only remain open for the pre-determined period of time that you specify. Orders will NOT be fulfilled until the store has closed and the shirts have been printed and packaged. At the agreed upon date, the store will be closed and no more orders will be accepted. At that time we will send you a P.O. and Invoice for the total amount of shirts and shipping costs. The funds that remain in your PayPal/Stripe account are your profit, which can use to fund your cause!
Setup Fees

Tier 1:
· 1-5 items
· No pickup codes offered*, all orders will be shipped directly to purchaser

Tier 2: $35
· 1-25 items
· Pickup codes offered*

Tier 3: $55
· 26-100 items
· Pickup codes offered*

*Pickup codes are for customers who want to order online, but prefer to pick up the shirt from you directly instead of paying for shipping.

​You will need to set up a PayPal or Stripe account in order to take payment for your store.

Shipping Fees

When setting up the store, all shipping/handling fees  will be charged to the purchaser.

We charge a flat rate of $5.99 per order for shipping & handling of a single item. All additional items in an order are $1.00 for shipping/handling.

These fees are part of the amount that will be charged to your customer when they purchase their items. Since you collect all the funds in your PayPal/Stripe account, we will bill you for shipping and handling for your store after it closes.

**Just so it is clear all shipping and handling fees will be charged to your customer and will not be taken from your profits. Your customers will pay for their items to be shipped to them.**

*Please note: the above pricing is for short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts. All other items will have a custom shipping and handling charge that our fulfillment specialist will give you at the time of your store setup.

Already have your own store?

If you already have your own store, we need to have log in info to your store in order to set it up with our shipping software. We also ask that your store be the one of the following platforms so that it will integrate with our shipping software.
If you agree to the above fees then let your Fundraising Coordinator know. Once you receive your final design and pricing from your Fundraising Coordinator, they will send you more info on how the FTNDirect process will go and a link to start your store.

Let's Get Started!

Just tell us a little about you and what you’re raising money for. A Fundraising Coordinator will follow up with you very soon!