MEET KATHARINE: A Passion for Serving

MEET KATHARINE VILLARREAL: she said yes to His calling and is committed to serve.

How did the Lord call you to attend YWAM Kona Discipleship training?

Well, I felt the Lord put a calling on my heart to apply for YWAM Kona DTS quite literally in the middle of this pandemic.

I've always had a burning passion for missions and serving and have known of this calling for a long time. 


What initial fears or hesitations did you have about attending, and how did you work to overcome them?


As soon as I was accepted into DTS, I immediately started worrying about how I will reach the financial needs of $10,000.

I’m already a broke college student and definitely not financially stable. But as soon as I handed all my worries and anxiety over to God, He gave me reassurance that He has me in His hands. 



How do you hope to grow, and what do you hope to learn through this process? 


I hope to deepen my relationship with Jesus and learn to just be still in His presence, even when the world is in chaos.

I trust that the Lord will grow me in ways that will blow my mind over and over again. 



What are some ways others are loving and supporting you well during this time? 


My friends and family have been so encouraging and praying relentlessly during this really hard season of uncertainty. 



If you could tell the world one thing about serving others, what would you say? 


A dear friend of mine wrote this in a journal entry that I’ll treasure forever, “Things don’t go to Heaven. People go to Heaven, so that’s what I’m going to spend my life on.”  Getting to serve others and loving on them is the greatest feeling in the world. We love because He loved us first!!! 


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