MEET CHEYANNE: They Just Need Jesus

MEET CHEYANNE SEAMAN: one mission trip as a child has led to a lifetime of service.

How did the Lord call you to serve Alaska?

I think I was about nine or ten years old, I remember sitting in church one Sunday, and they started talking about a mission trip to Alaska. I turned to my mom sitting next to me and said we have to go. We got information about the trip, met the team, and next thing you know we were on a plane. That was my first time to Nome, Alaska. We went one other time there, and then we started partnering with a couple from TN who lives in Tok, Alaska. It’s about ninety-three miles from the Canadian border, and we have been going there for about six years now. It’s just like we’re visiting family.

 How did you serve while you were there?

Most of the time I served as helping lead VBS for the children, singing, making crafts, bible stories, and of course snack time. We have also in the past have done movie nights, family dinners, and bible studies.

How did you prepare your heart to go and serve?

My heart is always for missions and serving God's people. I’m pretty sure I was born that way. But I do extra prep by praying for my team, the people of the villages or locations we may be going, traveling, myself, and the missionaries we will be staying with and working under. I just try and make myself able to work how God wants me to.

What did you learn about the love of Christ through this experience?

I always learn new things each mission trip I go on, but the love of Christ is so real and pure and just the trust and respect you gain from ministering to these wonderful people time and time again is just amazing. Like I said before, you gain family. They start to trust you and let you in. And if you are transparent with them, they love that. They want to know that we aren’t perfect and have messed up before, but God still loves us. You gain family, you feel love for these people, your heart breaks when theirs breaks, and when you can’t see them it’s devastating. Being a missionary is so rewarding. It is needed! The world right now needs missionaries in your town, places of work, schools all over the world-- they need the love of Jesus shown to them.

If you could tell the world one thing about serving others through missions, what would you say?

One thing I can tell you about serving others through missions is, yes you are there to minister to them and show them God's love, but a lot of the time they will open your eyes to things unseen and make you feel a rush of emotions and teach you. Also lastly, no matter where you are serving, it isn’t a vacation, you are working and ministering. Yes we may be in the beautiful mountains of Alaska, and that’s what you may see us post about, but out of respect for our families and friends in these places, we choose not to post the details of their lives. So yes all you see is the beautiful mountains, or the waters of Costa Rica, or the sand of Africa, but it’s work not a vacation; it’s a passion, and it’s Gods will for everyone to go and spread His love.

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