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Meet Alden Small: a small town mom with a heart for serving others. She had a desire to make a difference and chose to serve without hesitation.


What led you to want to sell shirts?

 I wanted to be able to raise money while giving people a chance to come along on the serving journey with me, and I think a shirt is a great reminder of the good the buyer made the choice to partake in.

You and your husband were looking for a local nonprofit or ministry to connect with. What led to you to choose the Arrow’s Nest?  

 I actually had asked one of my friends for some guidance on charities that we could serve financially through our shirt fundraiser. She told me several, but when I heard the story of the Arrow’s Nest, I was truly touched. I watched a video interview of MK on the FTN blog, then scrolled through some of her posts on Instagram, and my heart was captured. I could never even explain how much I admire her and the Arrow’s Nest now. She’s such a bright light in this world.




What’s one thing you’ve learned through fundraising?

  Fundraising is fun! I honestly have enjoyed it so much. I definitely will do it again! And FTN has been an absolutely phenomenal help and guide to me.

Shout out to Hunter for helping me!


You’re a mom.

What do you hope to teach your children about loving and serving others?

 First, it’s so good for the soul!

And second, it is our design and purpose when each of us was created. I want them to understand that Jesus came to love, serve, and save us when none of us deserved it. And in the same way, regardless of if they think people do or don’t deserve to be loved or served, they would give grace, and choose to love anyway.




What advice would you give for someone who’s looking to make a difference but doesn’t where to start?

 Something I did a few months ago that has absolutely changed my life was taking a spiritual gifts test. When I took the test I found that I had gifts that I had never realized. And when I started purposefully trying to use those gifts, my life changed. And so I encourage everyone to take one simply because when we know our gifts, we can then channel ways that incorporate them.

And then boom, world changed.  :)


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