MEET STAN: Don't Miss the Blessings


MEET STAN DUTTON: through his encouragement and a little push, he leads students to follow the command to go and serve.

Why do you think it’s important for high school students to go on mission trips?

I think students need to do mission work because it's a command from Jesus. It teaches them what being a servant is about, and it helps them see a world around them that they aren’t exposed to often. Serving on mission trips helps teach them the importance of being the hands and feet of Jesus, not just on a mission trip, but around their peers, family, and friends.

What do I hope students learn by serving?  

I hope they learn both humility and obedience.

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What role does fundraising play in planning for youth mission trips and camps?

Fundraising plays a really large role in our mission trips and camp.  Most of our students would be not be able to afford to go to camp or on mission trips without fundraising.  Our shirts are a big part in the fundraising effort.  The way we do fundraising is this:  we raise enough funds for all students to go on mission trips/camp, meals during travel are paid for and all travel expenses are covered.  The only money the students need is just for snacks.

If you could tell the world one thing about serving others, what would you say?

Do it.  You miss out on tremendous blessings by not serving.  You will never know the impact that you will have on someone’s life if you do not serve.  Its not only a command, but it also shows your true commitment to Christ by serving.


What advice do you have for someone who wants to serve but is scared to step out of their comfort zone?

I am a firm believer of pushing people out of their comfort zones, especially when I see something in someone but they are afraid to do it.  I make it a challenge to them. You never know if you like something our not until you do it.  Step out, and encourage someone to step out with you. Always know you are not alone.

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