MEET HALEY: Be Doers of the Word

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MEET HALEY GLYNN: she learned about the forgotten 50, felt the call, and gave her best 'yes'.

What inspired you to spend a summer serving in Canada?

God has always given me a desire for international missions. I have been able to go to some pretty awesome places around the world to share the Gospel. Through those trips, I've been able to experience the Great Commission first-hand. Making disciples of all nations is something that excites me to my core. As I was telling my friend about my heart for missions, he told me about the Forgotten 50. These are the top 50 most unreached college campuses in North America. It was interesting to find out that a majority of the most lost campuses are located in Canada. My heart was immediately burdened for our neighboring country. Because of the need that I saw, I spent an entire summer in Edmonton, Canada, to help local ministries connect with the Forgotten 50 campuses in their area.

How did you work to prepare for your trip, both physically and emotionally?

I first started preparing for my trip by doing local ministry. I didn't want to go on mission somewhere else if I wasn't already sharing the Gospel on my own campus. My team members and I would live our everyday life on campus by making relationships with people and sharing the Gospel with them. I also began disciplining younger women, while also being mentored myself. Since I was going for an entire summer, my team and I prepared together by doing intensive missionary training. We partnered with the North American Missions board and they provided workshops and resources that we studied before going. The main thing was walking with the Lord every day. Every day I prayed for God's power to break through the brokenness we were to face and to prepare my heart for those I was to meet.

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What did you learn about yourself through this step of faith?

I learned where my confidence came from. Going for an entire summer wasn't some easy task I was going to face. My peers were all getting internships or staying home to work. While my initial instinct was to stay on campus all summer, save money, and have a relaxing time, God made his calling for me so clear. When I told my family and friends what I was doing, I spoke my words with confidence. I had no idea what the summer was going to look like, but I knew who God is: faithful and true.

Were you intimidated by the fundraising aspect of your trip, and what did you learn through it?

Being the longest mission trip I had been on, the fundraising aspect was very intimidating. On top of all of that, my financial situation was a bit hard at the time as well. I started to put God in a box. I knew that God had called me to go, but I started to put a huge responsibility for the fundraising on myself. When I finally gave it into God's hands, and believed He was going to help me get there financially, everything fell into place. Through the selling of my t-shirts with Fund the Nations and other fundraising ventures, I was able to go fully funded.

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What advice do you have for someone who wants to commit to a longer time of service?

There are many reasons that I vouch for going on longer terms of service. The first piece of advice would come from James 1:22. We shouldn't just be hearers of the Word, but doers of the Word. Jesus commands us as believers to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20), and we know that one day in heaven there will be every nation and tongue represented (Revelation 7:9). This should encourage us to go and do that! Not just listen in the pews and sit idly by. That mission field starts right around you. Additionally, I think that going for a longer time, whether in the US or overseas, is super beneficial for your everyday ministry. The perspective you gain on being wholly focused on the kingdom (without the distraction of school or work) naturally opens your eyes to improvements in your local ministry. When I came back from Canada, I realized how lost my campus was. I realized that I wasn't utilizing many areas in my day-to-day life to share the love of God. The Gospel became immensely urgent after my trip. Thirdly, I would say for those who feel inadequate, to realize how awesome our God is! God doesn't call those who are equipped. Look at David, Gideon, and Abraham. God equipped them once he called them!

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